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A Dream Come True Weddings at The Peninsula Tokyo


  • Peninsula Tokyo Wedding Chapel

    Uniting our long tradition of hospitality with an incomparable reflection of your personal style, a Peninsula wedding celebrates the start of your new life together with genuine warmth and elegance. Long before the smiling faces and fond wishes of your honored guests and loved ones surround you on the day itself, you will feel the heartfelt delight of each and every staff member as we shape the myriad intimate details of the occasion into a singular unforgettable event – an occasion that will remain an abiding source of joy for you and your families.

  • Peninsula Tokyo Wedding Bride and Page

    Our expert wedding team consults with the bride and groom carefully to design a celebration that’s true to your every desire. Your spirit, style and point of view are seamlessly woven into an event highlighted by such classic Peninsula touches as the bride and groom’s arrival in a chauffeured 1934 Rolls-Royce Phantom II, your procession through The Lobby, personal Butlers for your parents and your catered wedding night in a Deluxe Suite. We will fashion an enduring statement of your unique bond and personal legend.

  • Peninsula Tokyo Bride in Deluxe Suite

    This stately 116-square-meter corner residence overlooking Hibiya Park and the Imperial Palace gardens is yours for the two nights before and after your wedding. On the day of the celebration, our team of stylists will assist both bride and groom with all preparations in the suite’s private dressing room and grooming area.

  • Peninsula Tokyo Wedding Makeup

    Peninsula Tokyo brides may select their wedding gown from the exquisite collection of Hatsuko Endo, Japan’s pioneer of haute-couture formal wear, whose dresses are renowned for their tailored silhouettes and romantic touches of beading and lace. Hairstyling and makeup are by Votre Histoire Par Shu Uemura, whose artists are at your service for the wedding rehearsal as well.

  • Peninsula Tokyo Wedding Bridal Walk

    Assisted by a Pageboy wearing the distinctive gold-braided pillbox cap, the bride alights from a vintage Rolls-Royce Phantom II – one of just three left in the world, and painted in The Peninsula’s signature green. Together, she and the groom enter The Lobby, to be greeted by the elegant strains of a live string band and the applause of well-wishers young and old. Passing under our sparkling chandelier inspired by a cascade of fireworks, the couple are now ready for the ceremony marking their new life together . . . Such are the first memorable moments of The Peninsula Tokyo Wedding Journey.

  • Peninsula Tokyo Wedding Table Setting

    The banquet feast is your show of appreciation to the guests who have gathered to mark your special day. Our chefs work with you to plan the perfect array of courses. “For Her, For Him” menus present different dishes for male and female guests, and the “Main Course À la Carte” option invites each attendee to select his or her own preference of main entrée on the day. The possibilities are endless, and every dish will be executed and served with consummate skill and pride.

  • Peninsula Tokyo Wedding Cake

    A sweet taste of the joy shared on this day, your wedding cake is also a symbol of good fortune for the future. Using only the finest ingredients, our pastry chefs will deftly turn the cake of your dreams into an original and lavish centerpiece of your wedding feast.

  • Peninsula Tokyo Wedding Table Set Up
    Floral artistry is yet another facet where the originality, style and splendor of a Peninsula wedding come to the fore. From the banquet tabletop arrangements to the bridal bouquet and the blooms used in one-of-a-kind hair ornaments, experienced designers will shape your favorite blooms and color combinations into beautifully inspired displays.
  • Peninsula Tokyo Wedding at Grand Ballroom
    The spectacular Grand Ballroom commands views of Hibiya Park and the landmark moat surrounding the Imperial Palace. Exuding stylish Japanese flair, the space itself is appointed in natural tones of brown and beige, with light woods and stone accents. Its floor-to-ceiling windows and soaring ceiling add to the majesty of your occasion.
  • Peninsula Tokyo Wedding at Ginza Ballroom
    Bathed in natural light by day, and featuring an auspicious ring-shaped Swarovski crystal chandelier to accent evening gatherings, the modernist Ginza Ballroom exudes warmth, underscoring the at-home hospitality of a Peninsula wedding.
  • Peninsula Tokyo Wedding at Sky Room
    Located on the 24th floor with direct access to an outdoor balcony, the glass-enclosed Sky Room delights with its 180-degree views over the vibrant Ginza district and Tokyo Bay.
  • Peninsula Tokyo Wedding at Majestic Room
    Named for the former Majestic Hotel in Shanghai that harks back to the origins of The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels, Limited, the classically designed Majestic Room is high on charm, ideal for intimate gatherings of your closest family and friends.
  • Peninsula Tokyo Wedding Chapel
    With its dome-shaped ceiling and lovely stained-glass windows, the sublime and sun-filled space of The Peninsula Tokyo Chapel instills a hushed sense of awe that is perfectly suited to live harp, cello, organ or choral performances.
  • Peninsula Tokyo Ceremony Room
    Shinto-style weddings are accommodated in our exquisitely crafted Japanese Ceremony Room. With its washi-paper ceiling and shoji sliding doors, it is a fitting venue for such traditional rituals as the exchange of sake and the offering of sacred branches. The kimono-clad bride’s and groom’s procession through The Lobby follows their festive rickshaw ride around the Imperial Palace. Court music performances and a dance by a shrine maiden may also mark this formal union of your two families.
  • Peninsula Tokyo Spa Treatment Room
    A hushed enclave of serenity in the heart of Tokyo, The Peninsula Spa offers a range of pampering treatments that will ease even the greatest of wedding jitters, leaving both bride and groom fully relaxed and ready for the journey of a lifetime.
  • Peninsula Tokyo Customised Wedding Amenities
    Customized Wedding

    Weddings are even more memorable at The Peninsula Tokyo, with the range of customized services to create a once-in-a-lifetime occasion with a team of wedding specialists to ensure memories that will last a lifetime. Our chefs work with you to plan the perfect array of courses.

  • Peninsula Tokyo Cuisine
    Modern European

    "Modern European" presents the dishes with elegance and the special Peninsula touch.
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  • Peninsula Tokyo Customised Menus
    For Her, For Him

    “For Her, For Him” menus present different dishes for male and female guests.
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  • Peninsula Tokyo Customised Menu
    Main Course À la Carte

    “Main Course À la Carte” option invites each attendee to select his or her own preference of main entrée on the day.
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  • Peninsula Tokyo Customised Menu
    Hei Fung Terrace Menu

    Enjoy traditional Cantonese cuisine from Hei Fung Terrace
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  • The Grand Ballroom

    The spectacular main ballroom, with floor-to-ceiling windows provide natural light and views of the Imperial Palace Gardens. READ MORE

    Banquet: 70-140
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  • The Ginza Ballroom

    The modern Japanese design of The Peninsula Tokyo’s celebrated Ginza Ballroom is complemented by a spectacular Swarovski crystal chandelier and accommodates up to 160 for a reception, 165 in a theatre-style setting, and 90 for a banquet. READ MORE

    Banquet: 30-80
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  • The Majestic Room

    This exclusive and charming venue offers total privacy for an events for up to 20 guests in an airy, light-filled setting inspired by modern Japanese design. READ MORE

    Banquet: 2-20
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  • Peter

    Perched on the 24th floor of The Peninsula Tokyo, Peter boasts modern, sophisticated interiors and breath-taking 180-degree views of Tokyo and the famed Imperial Palace Gardens. READ MORE

    Banquet: 80
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  • The Sky Room

    Located on the 24th floor with an adjoining outdoor balcony, the glass-encased Sky Room blends seamlessly with its 180-degree views over Hibiya Park and the vibrant Ginza district while at night. READ MORE

    Banquet: 15-40
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  • The Japanese Ceremony Room

    Perhaps the most traditional area of the hotel is The Japanese Ceremony Room located on Level Five. This venue offers a unique environment for meetings and special dining events. READ MORE

    Ceremony: -
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  • The Chapel


    Banquet: -
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Venue Size
Dimensions (ft) Sq ft Ceiling Height (ft) Dimensions (m) Sq m Ceiling Height (m)
The Grand Ballroom 1 & 2 62' 0" x 58' 4" 3,134 21' 3" 18.9 x 17.8 291 6.5
The Ginza Ballroom 41' 7" x 50' 2" 1,798 10' 6" 12.7 x 15.3 167 3.2
The Majestic Room 41' 11" x 19' 7" 784 8' 5" 12.8 x 6.0 72 2.6
The Sky Room 24' 8" x 41' 0" 1,335 10' 5" 10.6 x 12.5 125 3.2
The Japanese Ceremony Room 28' 2" x 26' 6" 771 8' 8" 8.6 x 8.1 71 2.7
The Chapel 31' 17" x 36' 09" 1,496 10' 83" (22' 31") 9.5 x 11 139 3.3 (6.8)
Venue Capacity
Banquet Theatre Classroom Boardroom Reception U-shape
The Grand Ballroom 1 & 2 170 304 162 - 250 54
The Ginza Ballroom 90 165 86 40 130 39
The Majestic Room 40 60 36 32 50 32
The Sky Room 60 100 56 32 80 33
The Japanese Ceremony Room 20 54 24 18 40 18
The Chapel - - - - - -
  • Please see the sample estimate for each banquet room from here.
    Price List
    Food and Beverage     Hair, Make-up and Styling  
    Food(※) from JPY 24,840   for Bride from JPY 264,600
    Beverage(※) from JPY 7,452     Wig from JPY 64,800
    *Consumption Basis.       Ornamental Hairpin from JPY 16,200
          for Groom from JPY 10,800
    Wedding Cake     for Guest from JPY 11,880
    Wedding Cake(※) from JPY 1,863  
    *JPY 55,890 for less than 30 person.     Photography  
          Photograph from JPY 226,800
    Ceremony and Reception    
    Japanese Ceremony JPY 162,000   Video  
    Chapel Ceremony JPY 270,000   Video Shoot from JPY 216,000
    Room Charge        
      The Grand Ballroom(※) JPY 372,600   Invitation & Menu  
      The Ginza Ballroom (※) JPY 248,400   Invitation Card from JPY 540
    Waiting Room Charge(※) JPY 86,940   Menu Card from JPY 486
    Arrangement JPY 64,800   Name Card from JPY 324
          Seating Chart from JPY 864
    Flower Arrangement     Address Writing from JPY 270
    Main Table     Guest Book JPY 5,400
      The Grand Ballroom(※) from JPY 186,300  
      The Ginza Ballroom(※) from JPY 149,040   Entertainment
    Guest Table(※) from JPY 18,630   M.C. from JPY 108,000
    Cake Table(※) from JPY 18,630   Solo Piano JPY 86,400
    Bouquet / Boutonniere from JPY 16,200   Jazz Band JPY 216,000
    Gift Bouquet from JPY 10,800   String Quartet JPY 216,000
          Grand Piano JPY 54,000
    Table Coordination     Upright Piano JPY 32,400
    Chair Cover JPY 648   BGM JPY 37,800
      Projector and Screen
    Formal Wear       The Grand Ballroom JPY 216,000
    for Bride from JPY 216,000
        The Ginza Ballroom JPY 108,000
    for Groom from JPY 75,600  
    for Guest from JPY 43,200  

    *This estimate is for reference only.
    *Prices include 8% consumption tax.
    *Rates with (※) include 8% consumption tax and a 15% service charge.