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Save Energy For Japan “Super Cool Biz”

June 14, 2014
Starting 14 June, staff at The Peninsula Tokyo will don short-sleeved white polo shirts made of lightweight fabric, shedding jackets, blouses, and ties in favour of cooler attire. The custom-made summer uniform, worn through mid-September, will enable the hotel to lower back-of-the-house temperatures and conserve laundering, thereby reducing its energy and water consumption.
This move to “Super Cool Biz” uniforms is the hotel’s response to government directives, following the March 2011 earthquake and subsequent energy shortages, to cut power usage by setting office temperatures to 28ºC (82.4ºF). On average across the three years of the initiative, The Peninsula Tokyo has reduced its energy consumption by more than 11% over previous summers.

Rounding out its Save Energy For Japan campaign, The Peninsula Tokyo has replaced more than 5,000 halogen lamps with specially customised LED lights in its guest rooms, reducing energy demand by 90%. That’s 2,365 gigajoules – an amount equivalent to annual average use by 300 households in Japan – and a reduction of 274 tons of carbon emissions. In addition, a silica filtration system has been introduced to the hotel’s cooling tower, conserving more than 1,000 cubic metres or 5,300 bathtubs worth of water each year.

As concerns about the effects of global warming escalate, The Peninsula Tokyo will continue to enhance its measures for environmental responsibility, while maintaining the genuine comfort of the guest experience.